Simple SNMP Query Tool - Open Source - C# (C-sharp)

SSNMPQ is command line tool for requesting data from SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) servers. It works on 32bit Windows platform and requires .NET Framework to run. This tool is for C# developers. End-users please go to SNMP Tools.


  • Downloading RFCs and extracting MIBs (ssnmpq /d);
  • Requesting single values and subtrees (full tree);
  • Resolving Object IDs to verbal paths;
  • Displaying object names, paths, value types for visual inspection;
  • Displaying single values for use in batch files;
  • Caching MIBs;

Content of package

  • Two executables - ssnmpq.exe and ssnmpq2.exe for use depending on framework version;
  • Cache of all RFC-based MIBs.
  • C# (C-sharp) source code

Installation instructions

Download and uncompress to any new folder your local hard disk. No additional installation steps are necessary.

Usage instructions

  1. Start Command Prompt (Run cmd);
  2. Drag ssnmpq.exe or ssnmpq2.exe into Command Prompt window, from where you unzipped it;
  3. Press Enter in Command Prompt window. Simple usage instructions follow:

    Simple SNMP Command Line Query Tool, Toomas Kaljus, January 2007

    Command Line Switches:

    /h:<Host> Host name or IP address (default is localhost)
    /c:<Community> community name (default is public)
    /o:<ObjectId> object ID (default is subkeys from
    /v[+|-] display values only (hide type and OID information)
    /n[+|-] numeric form only (do not load any MIBs)
    /s[+|-] surf subkeys
    /w[+|-] load all Windows MIBs from ...\system32\*.mib
    /r[+|-] load all RFC MIBs from ...\mib\*.mib (slow)
    /m:<Path> Path to additional MIB-files (multiple allowed)
    /d[+|-] download all missing RFCs and extract MIBs from them
    /t:<Timeout> Socket timeout for SNMP queries (default is 5 seconds)
    /x:<File> Export results to CSV file (requires /s)W
  4. If SNMP service is installed in local computer then you can run query against localhost.
    To install add control panel / add/remove programs / windows components / management tools / Simple Network Management Protocol.
    To verify access rights check the control panel / services / SNMP Service / properties.


  1. query most basic information and load MIBs possibly included with Windows:
    ssnmpq.exe /h:localhost /c:public /w
  2. Initialize standard MIB database. ssnmpq downloads all known RFCs to rfc-folder and extracts all MIBs directly from RFCs. MIBs are saved to mib-folder.
    ssnmpq.exe /d
  3. query all available information, load Windows and RFC MIBs and save results and errors to ssnmpq.out file:
    ssnmpq.exe /h:localhost /c:public /w /r /o:1.3 >ssnmpq.out 2>&1
 Download Win32 binary (C# source code included): (<%=(float)((new System.IO.FileInfo(Server.MapPath(""))).Length / 1024)%>kB)

This is required only if not yet installed:

 Download Microsoft .NET Framework Redistributable Package from Microsoft Download Center:
 v1.1 or v2.0

This is required for compiling the source code:

 Download .NET Framework Software Development Kit from Microsoft Download Center:
 v1.1 or v2.0